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Andholan Album by Mekaal Hasan Band

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Andholan Album Description

When a multinational group with eclectic influences gears up to put out an album, you can bet that it’ll be a masterpiece of a release. Mekaal Hasan Band’s (MHB’s) third studio album, Andholan is the first release of theirs to feature a new and improved Indo-Pak line-up that features the recorded debut and introduction of Indian singer,  Sharmistha Chatterjee on lead vocals.  Mekaal Hasan and Mohammad Ahsan Papu, who were the founding members of this critically acclaimed music group, reprise their roles as lead guitarist and flautist, respectively, with Indian heavyweights and band members Gino Banks and Shledon D’Silva joining them on their live performances. The innovative songwriting process that went into the making of this album incorporates the sounds of classic jazz-rock groups from the 70’s, classical/Sufi music melodies and a dash of rock fusion to make this a thoroughly exquisite album. From the adrenalin-pumping introductory song “Ghungat” to the tranquility-evoking, conclusive track “Kinarey”, this album will leave you in a state of spellbinding bliss.

Andholan Album Lyrics


Hide not behind the veil, my love,? I long to have a glimpse of
Without my love, I feel lost,? People around me laugh at me.?He
should come and cheer me up,? This alone remains my plea,
?Hide not behind the veil, my love,? I long to have a glimpse of
Your slave is being auctioned free? Come my love and rescue
me? No longer can I perch elsewhere? I am the Bulbul of your
tree -? Hide not behind the veil, my love,?I long to have a glimpse of


Aau saiyo ral diyo ni vadhaai,
MaeN bar paaiya raaNjha maahi.

Ahj taaN roz mubaarak chaRiya,
RaaNjha saaDe vihRe vaRiya.
Hath khuNDi, moDHe kaMbal dhariya,
ChaakaaN vaali shakal banaai.
Aau saiyo ral diyo ni vadhaai.

Bulhe Shah ik sauda keeta,
Peeta, zahir piyaala peeta,
Na kujh laha ToTa leeta,
Dard dukhaaN di gaTHaRi chaai,
Aau saiyo ral diyo ni vadhai.

– Saiyo In English –

Come, my friends, congratulate me.
I have found my beloved Ranjha.

This day has arrived, this auspicious day,
Ranjha has entered our courtyard.
Staff in hand, a blanket on his shoulder,
In the guise of a menial.

I, Bulhe Shah, struck a bargain,
Drank, I drank the cup of poison,
Without a thought of benefit or loss.
I desired this grief, this pain.

Come my friends, congratulate me.
I have found my beloved Ranjha.